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If you would like to join us, please read the terms of use and follow the 'register' link at the end of this page.

If you would like to contact me before you register please send me an email.

I'm sorry but I can't answer questions about the courier business, or give advice, by email — but you'll find all the answers you need on the forums!

if you are starting up it's a great site to get infomation and ideas

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about codforum

This is what codforum is for, and who can use it:

what codforum is for

The forums are for all courier owner drivers and those researching to become a courier:

  • to share news, views and ideas
  • to learn from each other
  • to help each other
  • to chat to like minded people

We will build up a store of knowledge and information to help newcomers and old hands to learn more about the business and be more effective.

who can use codforum

A courier owner driver is anybody who runs their own courier business and spends some of their time out on the road being a courier.

As well as owner drivers, codforum is open to:

  • anybody who wants to be an owner driver and is researching the business
  • employed courier drivers
  • wives/husbands/family members of owner drivers

if you stop being an owner driver

If you are a member and you stop being an owner driver, you can carry on using codforum as long as your posts are relevant and you keep to the rules.

the rules

These are the rules you agree to if you register as a member of codforum:

dos and don'ts

These are fairly simple:

  • DO join in - the more people contribute the more we'll all get out of it
  • DO try to stick to the topic and add something to what people are saying
  • DON'T use offensive, abusive, racist or sexist language, or post sexual or violent content, or post links to other sites with such content
  • DON'T use these forums to try to get work from other ODs - or to offer work to other ODs
  • DON'T use these forums to promote illegal activity (such as software theft or breach of copyright)
  • DON'T be abusive, we all started somewhere, no matter where we end up. Abusive posts will be deleted
  • DON'T attempt to "name and shame" anybody
  • DON'T advertise your courier business or any other business activity
  • DON'T try to register using a gmail email address, it won't work. Most other email domains are fine to use


To expand on the 'no advertising' point...

advertising your business

Don't use these forums to post links to, or advertise, your own business.

Links and business information in signatures are OK (see below).

advertising/linking to other sites

Do not post links to other sites in your first post - it will be treated as spam and removed.

After you have posted about other topics, it's OK to post links or tell us about somebody else's business.


You can add a signature in your profile that will show on the bottom of all your posts.

You can use your signature for clever, witty or thought-provoking pearls of wisdom.

You can also use it for a short advertisement or links for your business, or to include contact details.

Signatures must not take up more than 3 lines, including blank lines.

user name

Real names or business names are preferred.

Business names that you have a franchise with must state area, i.e. If you have a franchise for 'super duper parcels' your user name could be something like 'super duper parcels midlands'


Business names that are not your own and those that are similar to others business names are not permitted. For example 'parcelfarce' would not be allowed.

Any disallowed names will result in deletion without notice.


There's a no-swearing rule on these forums, and there's an auto-censor that blanks out the obvious swear words.

Do not try to beat the censor by using asterisks in part of an obvious swear word, or by substituting numbers instead of letters, etc - it's still sw**ring and can result in a short ban or worse.

talking about other forums on codforum

If you want to talk about other forums, on freight exchange sites or whatever, please feel free to say what you think of them — good or bad — but do not say anything about the people on them, or the specific things they have said.

talking about codforum on other forums

I welcome any feedback or suggestions for improving codforum. If you would like to criticise codforum or the way it is run I will be happy to discuss it either privately by private message or publicly on these forums.

I reserve the right to impose a lifetime ban on anybody who unfairly criticises codforum, or makes personal comments or attacks against me or any codforum member, on any other site.

removal of posts

codforum is a moderated forum — site admin and moderators can edit or remove any posts or signatures which break the rules

If you post is removed or edited, you will not be told about it.

removal of user accounts

We may delete the account of any member for any serious breaking of the rules, or for repeated minor breaking of the rules. We reserve the right to remove any user, account or post without notice and for any reason.

If you do not log into your account for an exended period of time, we will consider it dormant and will be deleted. This is usually 12 months and at all times longer than 3 months.

If you join and do not log in to your new account it may be deleted after 7 days. You will usually not receive any contact to inform you of account deletion.

codforum policies

These policy statements describe what you can expect from codforum — my promises and obligations to you as a member.

about me and my other interests

My name is Nick Andrews. I am a courier running my own business in southern UK and also the owner of codforum, the site and domain as well as codworld which also owns and

codforum may include reciprocal links with these other sites, but I will not use this site to promote any business interests, except by the same means that are available to any codforum member.

codforum is, and always will be, free to join and use. The running costs are covered by advertising on the site.

Advertising space is available to suitable companies. contact codforum admin with your enquiry.

contacting me

Any codforum member may contact me regarding codforum by email or private message through my forum profile, or by email using one of the links on other pages of the site, and I will respond to all contacts within a reasonable time. This would usually be within a couple of days, but may be up to a few weeks if I am away from home.

I cannot answer questions or give advice by email about the courier business in general, and I reserve the right to ignore any correspondence which contains personal abuse or offensive language.

free access and use

codforum is completely free to use and I will not introduce any charges in the future.

Membership is restricted to the classes of persons described above, and members may be removed or banned as described in the rules.


The codforum site is currently not fully accessible.

I believe it is exempt from the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act because it is not a commercial site, but I believe it is wrong to discriminate against any person because of any form of disability and I will attempt to make the site fully accessible within a reasonable time.

member data

Members' passwords are encrypted on the codforum database and I do not have any means of seeing them although if you forget yours i can arrange another to be sent to your registered email address.

I will not use members' personal data for any purpose other than is necessary to running the forum.

I will not sell or give members' names, email addresses, or any other data to any third party, except a legitimate legal authority

bulk emails to members

I may occasionally send bulk emails to members for the purpose of passing on important information about codforum, but not for advertising.

I will not allow any third party to send bulk emails to members for any purpose.

I will not send bulk emails to members on behalf of any third party, except in exceptional circumstances, for example in the interests of security.

cancelling membership

Any codforum member can ask for their account to be removed by sending me a private message (not email) and I will delete the account within a reasonable time.

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