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Welcome to the only place on the web just for courier owner drivers to exchange news, views and ideas.

If you're a courier owner driver, or if you're thinking about it and doing some research, you're welcome to join in.

this is a solitary business, and the contact with others doing the same thing is a big help

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codforum members are working owner drivers. we are interested in the courier business from the point of view of owner drivers, and we talk about anything and everything to do with the business, life, love and the universe. Almost anything can be discussed. — here are the most recent posts:

Potential of van drivers in UK

Hello friends,

I am thiking to start a new career as a van driver. So I have quite a fe...

Hello all

Welcome me to this wonderful forum of van drivers.

I just googled it and found this for...

new to forum

Hi everyone new to forum/courier owner driver but i will try not to ask the same old questions.

I need a holiday

On Wednesday I saw the other half off on a train to Heathrow to catch a flight to Finland (that's wh...

Some advice and expertise is required

Good morning to everyone,

Now, I have previously bought Fast Way couriers franchise 5 y...

researching the business?

If you are planning to be a 'freelance' courier, you will find we are friendly to ‘newbies’ and ‘wannabes’.

Some of our members have been in the business for years, and others have only recently started, but together we have a lot of experience and knowledge, and we all know how difficult it can be to get established.

codforum is just a forum

Codforum is for couriers to talk to each other — There are no jobs, loads or journeys.


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