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codforum members are working owner drivers. we are interested in the courier business from the point of view of owner drivers, and we talk about anything and everything to do with the business, life, love and the universe. Almost anything can be discussed. — here are the most recent posts:


Hello to verybody,thank you to joined here :w...</div><h4><a href=hi all
Just joining this forum and very pleased to be here.

I have been doing courier work wit...

hello - george in crawley

hello peeps!
i have just joined on a windy sunday in crawley, w. sussex.
looking to find...

Pro Active Despatch, St Helens

Anybody either working for this company or have worked for them in the past? Does anyone know anythi...


Well hello everyone, we are a newly established partnership in the North West of England. send me an email.

I'm sorry but I cannot answer questions or give advice by email — but you're sure to find the answers on the forums!


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