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If you're a courier owner driver, or if you're thinking about it and doing some research, you're welcome to join in.

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codforum members are working owner drivers. we are interested in the courier business from the point of view of owner drivers, and we talk about anything and everything to do with the business, life, love and the universe. Almost anything can be discussed. — here are the most recent posts:

Looking for a change

Hi all,

I have been a sub contracting courier for one of the main parcel delivery compa...

Hello From Devizes

Hello From Devizes. Been courier/hgv driver for many years, Going to take the plunge and get my own ...

Hello Everyone!

Hello, I am new to the forum. Have been a courier for about a year now. Thought as a new(ish) driver...


currently looking at getting back into courier work, this time self employed
used to do it for...

Fed up with Job and Courier Interests me but.....

Hi Everyone.

I have worked behind a desk for 18+yrs now and i really feel i need a comp...

researching the business?

If you are planning to be a 'freelance' courier, you will find we are friendly to ‘newbies’ and ‘wannabes’.

Some of our members have been in the business for years, and others have only recently started, but together we have a lot of experience and knowledge, and we all know how difficult it can be to get established.

codforum is just a forum

Codforum is for couriers to talk to each other — There are no jobs, loads or journeys.


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